Rhodes statue public participation process

UCTUCT is in the process of applying for the permanent removal of the Rhodes statue (following its temporary removal on 9 April 2015). This process includes an assessment of the statue’s history, context and heritage significance, consideration of alternative options, and a public consultation process. As part of the public consultation phase, comments should be directed to rhodes.statue@chand.co.za.

UCT has decided to apply for, and is in the process of applying for, the permanent removal of the Cecil John Rhodes statue from the campus. The application needs to be submitted to Heritage Western Cape within 90 days of 31 March 2015 (the date when Heritage Western Cape granted an emergency permit for the temporary removal and safekeeping of the statue).

UCT has appointed Ashley Lillie, an independent heritage practitioner, to make the application. Lillie will have responsibility for preparing a heritage statement for consideration by Heritage Western Cape. This will include the statutory assessment of the history, context and heritage significance of the statue, consideration of alternative options for the statue, and an assessment of the outcome of the public consultation process.

This public consultation phase of the application gives opportunity to any individual to register his or her interest or comment on the matter of the future of the statue. Comments should focus on the heritage significance of the statue and UCT’s application.

In order to assist the heritage practitioner and to facilitate the receipt and collation of these comments, an independent consultant, Chand Environmental Consultants, has been appointed by Lillie. Anyone wishing to register as an interested party or to comment must do so in writing to this consultant at the email address: rhodes.statue@chand.co.za.

Please note:

  • Anyone who has previously commented on other UCT platforms or in the media should note that his or her comments will only be considered in this process if he or she sends his or her comments to this particular address (rhodes.statue@chand.co.za).

  • Opportunity for registering an interest or submitting comments to this email address will open at 09h00 on Thursday, 16 April 2015 and close at 17h00 on Monday, 18 May 2015.

  • Anyone wishing to make a comment should do so within the timeframe and to the email address rhodes.statue@chand.co.za. Only comment received at this address will be considered as part of the public consultation process related to this particular application. Please note that comment related to the statue should not be forwarded to UCT or Heritage Western Cape but to the email address provided above.

  • Anyone who wishes to register as an interested and affected party must do so via the same email address. All such parties will receive a copy of the heritage statement once it has been submitted to Heritage Western Cape.


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