Rhodes Statue UCT: section 27(18) Application to Heritage Western Cape

1. The following outlines the process to be followed in the preparation and submission
of the application to Heritage Western Cape in terms of section 27(18) of the
National Heritage Resources Act for the permanent removal of the C J Rhodes
2. The process is subject to the conditions imposed in the permit for the temporary
removal of the statue, issued by HWC on 31 March 2015.
3. A condition of the permit, as issued, is that an application for the permanent
removal or relocation of the statue must be submitted to HWC within 90 days [of
the permit being issued]. At the meeting of BELCom held on 22 May 2015 the
Committee resolved to extend the 90 day timeframe to 150 days, so as to “better
promote administrative justice and to allow for a thorough public consultation
process” and specifically to allow for the distribution of the draft heritage statement
to enable comment on that report prior to its submission to Heritage Western Cape.
4. The process now being followed is as follows:
4.1 Any interested persons/bodies advised by way of a press release that has
resulted in wide media coverage that any comments in respect of the
proposed removal of the statue should be submitted by 18 May (i.e. a
period of 30 days). An additional press release to be issued advising that
HWC has extended the period within which the application has to be
submitted, so as to allow for distribution and commenting on the draft
heritage statement prior to submission of the application to HWC. Persons
registering an interest or commenting are to be sent a confirmation of
receipt and advised that a daft of the heritage statement will be made
available to them for comment prior to submission to HWC.
4.2 Comments received by 18 May are to be made available to the heritage
practitioner so that they may be addressed in the heritage statement. The
draft heritage statement to be compiled by the heritage practitioner.
4.3 The draft heritage statement will be made available to those who have
either registered an interest or provided comment as part of this formal
process. A commenting period of 30 days will be provided for those wishing
to comment on the draft report.
4.4 Comments on the draft report will be addressed in the final report.
4.5 Submission of the application and heritage statement to Heritage Western
4.6 The application must be submitted to Heritage Western Cape by 27 August
2015 (i.e. within 150 days of the issuing of the permit authorising the
temporary removal of the statue for safekeeping).
4.7 Once the application has been submitted to Heritage Western Cape the
heritage statement will be made available for information to those who
have provided comments or registered an interest in the formal process.
Ashley Lillie
24 A

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