minutes AGM HASA Genadendal 2016

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Heritage Association of South Africa (HASA) as held in the Hester Dorothea Conference Centre, Genadendal on Thursday 20th October 2016 at 11:00 


  1. Attendance


Refer to Annexure A: Attendance register.


  1. Welcome


The Chairman, Len Raymond, welcomed all to Genadendal and the meeting.


  1. Chairperson’s report


The chairperson presented his report to the meeting. The report is attached as Annexure B.


  1. Finance report


It was reported that R40,000 had been allocated during the year as operating budget of which R26,000 will be left over after the Symposium.


The chairperson requested that award winners provide letters of thanks to Historic Homes for their kind sponsorship.


Jayson Augustyn-Clark expressed his thank to the chairperson.   


  1. Sale of Macrorie House Museum


The chairperson asked Dr. Debbie Whelan (Chairperson, Board of Trustees, Macrorie House Museum) to make a presentation regarding the Trustees decision to sell the museum and relocate the collection to Baynes House at Baynesfield.


The Trustees have approached HASA (as successors in title to the Simon van der Stel Foundation) as the Title Deed registered in 1991, the museum is obliged to offer it to the Simon van Der Stel Foundation, prior to selling it privately, as per the clause indicating Right of First Refusal.


In her presentation Dr. Whelan indicated that the property value is estimated at R1,6m and that maintenance costs to date come to about R600,000.

After a lengthy discussion, the meeting agreed that HASA will offer to purchase the property once agreement has been reached on maintenance costs incurred to date. Dr. Whelan will provide HASA Council members with a reconciliation of costs and she requested that HASA place the offer in writing. Dr. Whelan noted that the Board intends to move the collection during December/ January and that the museum will close on the 2nd of December 2016.


The presentation made by Dr. Whelan is attached as Annexure C.


  1. Awards criteria


The meeting agreed that the awards criteria should be assessed once a year by HASA Council on recommendation from the Awards Sub-Committee to ensure that the awards remain relevant and responsive to the needs of the industry.


  1. Awards Sub-Committee


The members of the Awards Sub-Committee were confirmed as being Herbert Prins, Dr. Judy Maguire, Chris Young and with the new addition of Mira Fassler Kamstra.


The sub-committee was tasked to look into the proposal for a new category for ‘lifetime contribution award’. Jacques Stoltz also raised the matter of whether the current awards are not at risk of being ageist – something to consider given that HASA wants to shift the profile of the organisation in order to encourage younger generations to become active.


  1. Social media


Jacques briefed the meeting on HASA’s social media accounts. He reported that the Facebook page has nearly 200 likes (the page was launched at the end of 2015). The Twitter account disappointingly only has 116 followers. He called on associates to contribute content and to like the social media pages.


  1. Website 


Carol Podd gave a report on the HASA website. The website continues to grow and plays an important role in building audiences. The past year also saw the launch of an electronic newsletter which has been well received.  



  1. Rhodes Statue


Len Raymond provided an update to the meeting on the status of the UCT Rhodes statue permit application and wanted the meeting’s view on whether HASA should formally appeal the matter. After a lengthy discussion with some members in favour of pursuing an appeal and some members in opposition, the agreement was to not proceed with a formal appeal process but that HASA would consider a media statement to express its concerns regarding what the procedurally flawed process.    


  1. Election of the new HASA council


Members of the existing council were unanimously reelected and a new council member, Julie Streicher, welcomed.  


The chair also conveyed an invitation to Salma Patel and Twin Mosia to become involved in HASA and the Council’s activities.


  1. 2017 & 2018 symposia


The meeting was informed that a heritage organisation in Barberton, Mpumalanga has offered to host the 2018 symposium. HASA is therefore still looking for a 2017 host. The meeting agreed that the symposium should be held outside of the Western Cape in order to broaden HASA’s visibility in the rest of the country. 


  1. Other business


Dr. Maguire suggested that a list of heritage bodies be compiled and that a website directory of heritage associations/ societies be placed on the website.


Len Raymond reminded the meeting that succession planning remains an important consideration that the new Council members would need to address.


It was further reported that there is a new white paper for the Western Cape which will among others lead to a revamp of zoning schemes. It is therefore important that submissions be made.


Finally, Dr. Maguire briefed the meeting on the Square Kilometer Array project. An updated heritage impact assessment report in underway for 55 new farms. The new affected farms is a core area of corbelled houses. 


  1. Closure


The meeting was adjourned at 15:00.



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