Minutes – Council meeting 7 March 2017

Minutes of HASA Council meeting held via Skype on 7 March 2017 at 16:00


  1. Apologies


Mira Fassler Kamstra

Herbert Prins

Chris Young

Judy Maguire


  1. Present


Carol Podd                                         CP

Len Raymond                                     LR (Chair)

Julie Streicher                                    JS

Jayson Augustyn-Clark                     JAC

Jacques Stoltz                         JRS

Bev Small                                            BS


  1. HASA Symposium


  • Heidelberg 2017


The meeting agreed that the proposed programme is slightly too parochial and that the committee must be guided to ensure they can deliver a programme that meets HASA’s expectations.  


JS to brief BS on discussions and revert to Council members with suggestions prior to meeting with local stakeholders to discuss.


  • Barberton 2017 


It was agreed that JS and BS can confirm to both Heidelberg and Barberton that HASA will co-sponsor the event of a minimum of R10,000.


  1. Archives


In response to an email circulated by CP the committee agreed that CP can discard financial records older than 5 years but that other material related to the awards, symposia should be kept and/ or digitised at CP’s discretion.


  1. Sale of Macrorie House Museum


LR confirmed that no further correspondence has been received from the attorneys acting on behalf of the trustees of the Macrorie House Museum. JAC expressed concerns regarding the delays. It was agreed that LR to request an estate agent to conduct a condition assessment and evaluation and to indicate that HASA will be selling the property.


  1. Carte Blanche


JRS briefed the meeting on the discussions with Carte Blanche. James Ball and JRS met with a journalist to discuss the planned feature on heritage. JRS to keep Council members up to speed.


  1. Heritage Monitoring Project 


CP and JRS informed the meeting that a six month follow up review was underway of the heritage sites nominated for the top ten most endangered heritage sites. Planning for the 2017 campaign to commence.


LR will prepare an article about the heritage losses recently suffered in the Drakenstein.


  1. Closure


The meeting was adjourned at 17:00.



Adopted and signed by




__________________                                                                        ________________

Len Raymond                                                                         Date





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