letter to Associates AGM 2017


The Annual General Meeting and annual symposium of the Heritage Association of South Africa (HASA) is due to take place in Heidelberg on the 19th to the 22nd October 2017


The HASA AGM precedes the Symposium.  It is usually attended by associated bodies and their members, however, all those interested in the conservation and management of the heritage resources of South Africa are welcome to attend both functions.


  1. What is the Heritage Association of South Africa?


HASA aspires to be:


  • An active, comprehensive, authoritative and effective organisation dedicated to the conservation of the nation’s heritage resources.


  • Notwithstanding that its policies are focused on national conservation issues, its associates are drawn from local communities that are bound together by a common concern – the fostering of the cultural landscape. This is deemed to be indivisible.


The line between national and local interest is dictated by scarce resources:  The destruction of heritage resources in remote places diminishes the heritage legacy held in trust for future generations and HASA relies on associates to alert it to such issues.


HASA is grateful for the involvement of those associates already enrolled.  Their participation makes the association and its policy unique in South Africa – an organisation that is truly national in its composition.  However, more associates should enroll with HASA to make it even more effective.


  1. New Associates


Bodies and individuals are invited to visit the HASA website   at heritagesa.org

to see its Mission Statement and what it has achieved over its long existence, first as the Simon van der Stel Foundation and, more recently, the Heritage Association of South Africa.


Attention is drawn to one of its longstanding calendar events, namely the Gold Medal, Gold Certificate and the Merit Awards ceremony that is coupled with the AGM and Symposium events.


Individuals and corporate entities are honoured for their contribution to the cause of heritage conservation.  The awards are the most prestigious of their kind in South Africa.


Associates nominate candidates for the awards and an independent panel of adjudicators decides which contenders warrant recognition.


Interested persons and bodies with a desire to conserve the cultural heritage of South Africa are warmly invited to contribute their skill, knowledge and interest by enrolling with HASA.  This is how HASA can learn how other bodies deal with local issues of heritage and what problems they are encountering in other places in pursuit of their objectives.




Where appropriate HASA offers advice and support in the efforts of associated bodies.  This is how HASA hopes to broaden and enlarge its national concerns for the future of heritage conservation.


Existing associates, and those who would like to be an associate of HASA, are urged to participate in the forthcoming events by:


  • Providing contact details of your representative to HASA
  • Let us know the needs of your organisation
  • Let us know how you think your organisation can contribute to the umbrella body
  • Let us know if would like to participate in the Symposium
  • Let us know if you would be willing to participate in the AGM, or
  • Let us know whether you would like to become a member of the HASA Council.


Please forward all correspondence to Carol Podd at info@heritagesa.org

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