Cederberg   Private Cellar prize winner

Koopmans house

Dancers 3

Facebook winning photo – Marcel Augustyn-Clark

At this year’s National  Heritage Symposium, the Heritage Association of South Africa  (HASA) ran a competition in partnership with Cederberg Private Cellar. The competition encouraged delegates of the Symposium to share the wonderful heritage of Clanwilliam and the Cederberg via social media. The best social media on Twitter/Facebook and on Instagram each qualify for a prize, while the third prize went to winner of a lucky draw.

To bring early festive cheer to the three lucky winners we are now pleased to announce the  results. Each winner will receive a yummy bottle of Cederberg Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum proudly sponsored by Cederberg Private Cellar.

The winners are:

In the social media category the winner for the best Instagram post goes to Mickey Mentz for his photo of the Nuwe  Graskoue Trappers performimg in front of the ‘Ou Tronk’ museum in Clanwilliam  during the 2015 HASA Symposium. Die Nuwe Graskoue Trappers made waves this year by winning 29 gold and silver medals and a trophy at the 19th annual International  Performing Arts Championships hosted in the USA.

For the best Facebook post, the winner is Marcel Augustyn-Clark  for his photo of a delegate at the house of the Koopmans family home. The Koopmans beautiful house survived the onslaughts of both time and apartheid. We thank the Koopmans for generously hosting the HASA delegates

Finally the lucky prize goes to Daniel Smit from Drakenstein Heritage Foundation.

Congratulations to our winners and a huge thank you to Cederberg Private cellars for the great support provided during our Symposium and the sponsorship of our prizes.

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