Architectural Conservation Ed: A. Herholdt

Prof Katherine Munro of the University of the Witwatersrand wrote a short review of the book:

ARCHITECTURAL CONSERVATION In South Africa since 1994: 100+ Projects
Convened and edited by Albrecht Herholdt, of Port Elizabeth and published by Dot Matrix publications. The book celebrates heritage architecture in South Africa since 1994. This is one of those massive, important compendiums, with 66 contributors, 114 projects presented and evaluated and the work of 67 practices responsible for these projects have been encapsulated in this handsomely produce volume. Richly illustrated with hundreds of photographs, line drawings, plans, maps and critical texts, this book documents 20 years of architectural and heritage conservation in South Africa. It is a benchmark study of what has been accomplished by architects, the construction industry, conservators, and heritage campaigners over two decades and foregrounds the significant changes in heritage studies, policy and practice.

The volume runs to 540 pages and weighs nearly 3 kgs. The coverage is national, most comprehensive and ambitious. The contents are arranged geographically with 6 regions showcasing Cape Town and its suburbs, the Eastern Cape and Garden route, the Free State, Northern Cape and Karoo, KwaZulu – Natal, Pretoria, Mpumalanga and Limpopo, Johannesburg and its suburbs including Soweto and Benoni. You are likely to find your favourite project together with a critical evaluation.

This book will become a significant teaching resource covering topics such as conservation, heritage legislation, competitions, historicist restorations and reconstruction, documentation, contemporary insertions and extensions, transformations and rehabilitation so and urban conservation. It is likely to become a much quoted source as to why architectural heritage conservation matters. It’s filled with examples of completed projects and the many photographs are themselves a rich archive.

The volume is inspired by Ora Joubert’s Architecture in a Democratic South Africa 10 years + 100 buildings and the sheer scale of the project is a labour of love. If you own that book this volume fits as a companion (although published by a different publisher) and much extended volume. The volume is a reminder and record of what has been accomplished in the two post-apartheid decades.

The international context matters and South African endeavours have been placed within the UNESCO framework of world heritage listings. South Africa has only four cultural world heritage sites (another four are natural) and this volume as a work of documentation seriously captures the evidence for further cultural and heritage motivations for UNESCO endorsement.

The volume has been sponsored by the Contractors, Gordon Verhoef and Krause, PPC Cement, and four regional institutes of architects ( Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Pretoria).

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