Dear Dr Myburgh,

Please see below.  This will feature on the HASA  website shortly. We would firstly like your   comments.

What I have experienced (and this is part of our comment  re your grading’s and applies to Tulbagh as well))  is that HWC ignore the overall grading when assessing an application as many of these are “reconstructed ” ignoring the detrimental effect that it has on the area.

In fact it is our experience that HWC   approach appears to vary when considered as a whole . Compare the approach to a reconstructed building in a grade 1 area (it is free game ) as is a relatively intact example in an isolated position also free game . Possibly you would like to concentrate  on this type of approach  in a response to the attached article. We will be asking  local  organisations  and SAHRA to comment as well . Thank you in anticipation

Len Raymond for (HASA)

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