Dear All

Geraldine Goncalves, in charge of heritage for the Newlands Residents Association, forwarded your name to me because you are involved with the preservation of the area in which you live and you may be interested in commenting on the Heritage Western Cape Draft Guidelines.

From the attachment “Draft Guidelines for comment” you will see that we have forwarded a comment from our organization.  This was at the request of David Hart, Principal Professional: Environmental Resource Management Department of the City of Cape Town in the hope that Heritage Western Cape will stop giving their approval to the demolition of Grade 3c dwellings. Sadly the approval is given even when the Newlands Residents Association, on behalf of the villagers, says “No” to the demolition.  And once Heritage Western Cape approves the demolition the City council are not able to over-ride their decision.

Unfortunately we were only recently sent the Draft Guidelines and the final date for comments is the 23rdOctober. Despite the short notice it would be greatly appreciated if your organization could see their way clear to commenting in line with our recommendations by this date.  Attached you will find all the appropriate background documentation as well as the Appeal Ruling 24 Davenport Road erf 1444 Vredehoek which is mentioned in our letter to Heritage Western Cape.

Good luck with your preservation attempts.

Kind regards

Penny Stekhoven

M Stekhoven

Convenor, Newlands Village Preservation Group

5 Ohlsson Way

Newlands 7700


Tel: 021 674 0591

Mobile: 083 675 5030


Appeal Ruling 24 Davenport Road erf 1444 Vredehoek

Implementation of Heritage Management at Local Authority Level_Eng_ForCo

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Draft Guidelines for comment

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