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I refer to the document issued for comment re Registered Conservation Bodies, and although associates have commented on the detail we feel the need to make a wider comment:

HWC’s principle activity recorded on your annual report is: “to regulate and motivate the promotion of conservation of the heritage environment in the Western Cape.”

When this is read in conjunction with the proposals and the working of HWC it is our opinion that the conditions and regulations are designed to regulate but neither to promote or motivate the conservation of the heritage environment in fact the regulations proposed will do much to discourage /demotivate heritage participation of interested parties

To this end instead of attempting to enforce onerous regulations upon the bodies that have applied for registration or are active in their the local areas and the establishment of conditions enabling HWC to deregister interested parties which is in stark contrast with HWC’s task, in accordance with your principle business and vision “of maintain and nurture … by promoting pride”, you should be assisting the heritage bodies by attending their meeting, organising meetings in areas not represented, promoting and subsidising heritage concerned groups, promoting co-operation and unity between heritage bodies and assisting in heritage education throughout the province. None of which is undertaken

To this end to the best my knowledge, as a representative of a National Association, HWC have never attended any HASA event, never offered to organize and finance such meetings or requested assistance from organized conservation groups in an attempt to promote conservation in areas where there are no conservation bodies.

As a representative conservation association with contacts in the heritage field throughout the country our experience is that in many of the outlying areas conservation interest parties consist of a few individuals’. HWC should be encouraging, supporting, promoting and educating these individuals in an attempt to contribute and comment not attempting to roll rocks in the way of concerned by insisting upon a “number of representatives “ heritage after all is based upon principles not upon majority rule. Especially in previously marginalised communities it takes people with special character to stand up to protect their heritage when the community is concerned only with surviving, the same applies in small outlaying communities but the contribution of any interested party/ informal group should be encouraged no matter how small the organisation or how formally or informally they are organised and financed. If and when the comments are misdirected, you should be assisting, educating and promoting their contribution to heritage not attempting to restrict and threaten them with suspension if they do not have accounts etc.

In short, the regulation proposals are in direct conflict with your principle business and vision, will discourage the involvement of individuals (which is how every existing heritage body started off ) and serves as a disincentive to participate in the preservation of heritage.

L.E. RAYMOND (Chairman Heritage Association of South Africa)

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