SA Lags in Digital Archives Access / Digitising Photos with Camera / ANC Archives Digitisation Update / Metadata for Africa

A report by The Economist Intelligence Unit commissioned by Google has unearthed some surprising results when it comes to digitisation and access to digital archives. South Africa is found to be trailing the only other African country in the assessment, Kenya. For professional photographers with filing cabinets ful of old negs and trannies, a friend of Africa Media Online, Peter Krogh, has recently published a book on digitising your photographs using your DSLR. We are nearing the end of our mammoth project to digitise the ANC Archives at the University of Fort Hare in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The project has been a significant undertaking and we are proud to have accomplished as much as we have done in the time we had available. We have been involved in a new initiative to get a community of passionate retired archivists, researchers, journalists etc. going to contribute to making African collections findable. If you are interested, we would love you to join the team.

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