44 Westbourne Rd Kenton-on-Sea – the demolition continues a pace !!

The address of the house is  44 Westbourne Rd. Kenton on Sea


This house stands among very beautiful wild fig trees.

Timber structure with typical corrugated iron cladding. As one of the oldest houses in Kenton on Sea, it needs some maintenance, but are amazingly sound.


I know that one of the ficus tree types have heritage status. (apparently even the trees must go for a swimming pool, I hear) they are next to the lagoon! I do not know the type of ficus there. 


This house needs to be declared a heritage site, including the trees.


We have to move on this one, as the new owners are revving to demolish. The house next to this one, was also in the same style but it burnt down about 30 years ago.


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