Proposed Mining of Tragedy Hill, Port Edward to be discontinued



Update via Patricia Putter – 24 February 2018

Good news for a Saturday morning. The threat to Tragedy Hill has successfully been removed! I think there was too much opposition. Thank you for hi lighting it on your portal.

“Dear Registered Interested and Affected Parties,

Kindly note that the proposed opening of Borrow Pit 5, located ERF 1023 Portion 6, Port Edward at 31° 2′ 41.97″S; 30° 13′ 11.93″E will no longer be undertaken. A decision has been taken to source the required G9 and G10 material elsewhere for the R61 Port Edward upgrade.

Thank you for your continuous engagement.

Best wishes to you all.

Kind Regards,

Nishkar Maharaj |BSc (Hons) Cand.Nat.Sci. (116421)

Environmental Consultant”

Tragedy Hill was the site where several settlers and members of the local Langeni tribe were massacred by Zulu warriors in 1831. Various sources state that the bones of the victims are still scattered across the site. It also appears as though three centuries earlier, shipwrecked Portugese sailors from the ‘Sao Joao’ may have camped on the hill (various artefacts from the 1500s have been found across the site).

The farmer who owns the adjacent land has applied for a mining permit to begin sand mining directly adjacent to Tragedy Hill. 


Location of proposed mining (Google Earth)


Source: 2017 Endangered Heritage Sites Nomination Form.

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