HWC Appeals committee agenda – the number of demolition requests is disturbing



The attached  agenda for the appeals committee of HWC illustrates the pressure  that is being applied to the heritage resources in the Cape town area.

The escalation in property values and the  desire to enlarge and in many   to  alter the use of the site into multi residential developments   is threating the early 20 the cen. residential areas around Cape town is illustrated by the number of appeals against decision taken by the built environment and landscape committee of Heritage Western Cape .


For those interested   we advise you to refer to the recent Goss judgement   as a guideline  to the steps  that heritage bodies must take in combination with the proclamation of special areas in their own towns. HWC have  recently held a workshop for local authorities to counter the   destruction of sensitive areas in the province .We believe that draft guidelines will be published shortly


NOTICE is hereby given of the Heritage Western Cape, Appeals Committee meeting to be held on Wednesday, 21 February 2018, in the boardroom on the 1st Floor at the Protea Assurance Building, Greenmarket Square, Cape Town and Starting at 09H30


1. Opening and Welcome

2. Attendance

3. Apologies

4. Approval of Agenda

4.1 Dated 21 February 2018

5. Approval of minutes of the previous meeting

5.1 24 January 2018

6. Disclosure of Interest

7. Confidential Matters

8. Administrative Matters

8.1 Outcomes of the Tribunal Committee 8.2 Recent Court Decisions 8.3 Site Visits

9. Matters Arising 9.1 Proposed Total Demolition, Erf 97471, 4 Lemon Lane, Newlands: Section 34

Case No: 17050901KR0510E

Zethembe Khuluse

9.2 Proposed Total Demolition, Erf 987, 38 Arthurs Road, Sea Point: Section 34

Case No: 17081809WD0906M

Waseefa Dhansay

9.3 ProposedTotal Demolition of Structures on Erven 2769 & 2592-Re, 1 Chelsea and 25 Aandbloem Roads, Vredehoek: Section 34

Case No: 17042407KR0503M & 17042408KR0503M

Zwelibanzi Shiceka

9.4 Proposed Demolition, Alterations and Additions of the Van Breda Bridge, Ceres: Section 34

Case No: 17083118WD0912M

Waseefa Dhansay

9.5 Proposed Total Demolition, Erf 5277 and 5278, 51 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town CBD: Section 34

Case No: 17090506WD0610M

Waseefa Dhansay

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9.6 Proposed Total Demolition: Erf 325, 5 Bantry Bay, Bantry Bay, Cape Town: Section 34

Case No: 17092808ZK1004E

Zethembe Khuluse

10. New Matters

10.1 Proposed alteration at Erf 2730, Count Road, Simon’s Town: Section 27

Case No: 17111607HB1121M

Heidi Boise

10.2 Proposed Total Demolition at 43, 116 Upper-Harrington Street, Gardens: Section 34

Case No: 17042409HB0503E

Heidi Boise

10.3 Proposed Total Demolition on Erf 50239, 2 Bucksburn Road, Newlands: Section 34

Case No: 17113006AS1207E

Andrew September

10.4 Proposed Partial Demolition, Erf 680258 and 116379, 4 and 6 Smithers Road, Kenilworth : Section 34

Case No: 17120709WD0110E

Waseefa Dhansay

11. Other Matters

12. Adoption of decisions and additions

13. Proposed next date of the meeting: 20 March 2018

14. Closure



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