HASA – Simon Van Der Stel – Gold Awards to be presented at the AGM

The Awards Committee of  Heritage Association of South Africa has recommended that: 

1. A GOLD MEDAL be granted to Janette Deacon 2  A GOLD CERTIFICATE be granted to ReefSteamers 

3. An AWARD OF MERIT be granted to Rina Wiid     4.  An AWARD OF MERIT be granted to James Ball


Citations below:

The Simon van der Stel   GOLD  MEDAL

Presented to   DR  JANETTE  DEACON

Dr Janette Deacon has promoted heritage and engaged in its active conservation over many years, at a national level. Her career has spanned both the research and heritage management spheres of archaeology.  Her passion for rock art led to the founding of the eastern Cedarberg Rock Art Group, a volunteer group that has recorded almost 1 500 rock art and other archaeological sites.  She is the author of seven books on archaeology and the co-author of “Human beginnings in South Africa” which remains an indispensable text for Africanists.

In recognition of her outstanding contribution to the conservation of the heritage resources of South Africa, and the furthering of knowledge in the field of heritage studies, she is awarded the  Simon van der Stel Gold Medal.


The Simon van der Stel  GOLD  CERTIFICATE

Presented to  REEFSTEAMERS


Reefsteamers preserves and rebuilds old steam locomotives and their operations have an impact on rail heritage nationally. In the face of obstacles such as lack of funds, supporting services and infrastructure, volunteers are united by a passion to preserve the giant heritage trains and keep the spirit of the age of travel alive, dedicating their free time to restoration projects.  Public tours and day trips provide a unique heritage-tourism experience, thus raising public awareness of heritage conservation.

In recognition of its considerable role, over decades, in the conservation and restoration of our heritage, Reefsteamers is awarded The Simon van der Stel  GOLD CERTIFICATE.


The Simon van der Stel CERTIFICATE  OF  MERIT

Presented to RINA WIID


Mrs Rina Wiid discovered on her farm Alfalfa, part of Doornbult, metal artefacts of all kinds . The ‘blikkieskamp’ turned out to be the most intact, well-preserved and artefact- rich Boer War Concentration camp known.

Protea Books in 1999 published (in Afrikaans) the story of her discoveries, close on 100 years after the camp was established Since then, she has self-published 5 or 6 spiral bound booklets on the artefacts found, 

In recognition of her considerable role,  in the conservation and restoration of our heritage, Rina Wiid is  awarded The Simon van der Stel Certificate of  Merit



The Simon van der Stel CERTIFICATE  OF  MERIT

Presented to JAMES  BALL

James Ball has created the Heritage Portal, an on-line platform that promotes the cause of heritage conservation on a national level.  Through it he raises public awareness not only of historical and heritage issues, but also of the need to comply with heritage legislation and the means by which to do this.  He has filled a vacuum by providing a broad spectrum of information, not previously available, which immeasurably benefits the preservation of our heritage resources. The heritage portal is a one-man project kept alive by passion and extraordinary commitment. 

In recognition of his dedication and unstinting voluntary service in the protection of the national estate, James is awarded The Simon van der Stel Certificate of Merit


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