VASSA: Bo Kaap development on Buitengracht, Cape Town

VASSA was given a presentation / talk by Prof. Fabio Todeschini on 21 Feb on a 20-storey development dubbed ‘’The Monster’’ located between Buitengracht, Shortmarket and Rose Streets, overlooking van Riebeeck Square in the city centre, which was followed by a site inspection / outing to Heritage Square & van Riebeeck Square on Sat 25 Feb.

  • VASSA notes with great concern that approval has been given to this development by Patricia de Lille in her capacity as mayor.
    VASSA will be adding its objection this development
  • VASSA also notes that the Institute of Architects had lodged an objection to this development being given the green light.
  • The development will now be subject to a legal challenge, which will be spearheaded by Heritage Western Cape, which had also objected to the development
  • But in a PERSONAL CAPACITY, your objection will add weight to the cause, as much of the decision-making has been led by political appointees of the Cape Town City Council, who ignored the recommendations of their own officials.. Which is why we are asking you to act.

VASSA urges its members to look over these informative sites to avail themselves of the history as well as the process thus far:





You can support the BoKaap Civic & Ratepayers Association, called Bridges not Barriers, in its ongoing legal appeal to overturn the mayor’s approval … by undertaking any / all these actions in your personal capacity:

  1. Contact your local councillor, stating your objection to this development as a Capetonian ratepayer, irrespective of the suburb you live in. Explain that your potential vote for the DA is commensurate with their rescinding this decision.  
  2. Write letters to local newspapers – the Southern Suburbs Tatler, Cape Times, Argus, etc.
  3. Share your objection on social media – and ask your friends to forward this to their networks
  4. Phone in to radio talk shows, approach the likes of FMR for a taking point slot etc.     
  5. Discuss this issue wherever socially possible … dinners, bridge, the library, the supermarket queue …
  6. Whatever else you can think of …  
  7. AND make sure you copy in (Cc) whatever you write / mail to:
    They will capture & collate your objection, which will strengthen their appeal.

For the record the spokesperson of the Bokaap Civic and Ratepayers Association is Jacky Poking.
Her number is 082-7392027 or you can email


Probably the most important person to write to is

  1. a) The Mayor, Patricia de Lille (who overrode any objections)
  2. b) Your local councillor

Pressure must be applied on the councillors who YOU elected to represent your views! The process of objection to the process through the City’s planning department has already passed, hence the need to take the political and media route.

Mixed use Building development on Erven 8210 and 144698, bounded by the Buitengracht, Shortmarket and Rose Streets in the Central city,


 “As a Capetonian, as well as a Ratepayer of the City of Cape Town, I make strong objection to the high-handed methods used in approving the buildings as stated above:

The many objections that have already reached the offices of the City Council should be revisited and re-considered.

The proposed outcome of allowing these huge blocks of building to deface the historic skyline of the City will be felt for generations to come and have an extremely negative impact on the heritage significance of the Bo Kaap.

Please act on behalf of present and future Capetonians and stay within the set guidelines on land proclaimed as Heritage sites, to protect our Historic Cape Town, instead of ignoring the richness of our past.

Your political party will be forever linked with this horrendous development if it goes ahead”.

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