Nominations for the 2016/17 Cultural Affairs Awards are now open!

The annual Cultural Affairs Awards to be hosted by Western Cape Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport Anroux Marais in February 2017 will provide an opportunity to the people of the Western Cape to embrace and celebrate the diversity of our cultural landscapes. The Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) launched the 2016/17 award categories and made the nomination forms available with the hope of attracting a diversity of people to participate in the nomination process.


The attached Call for Nominations and Nomination Forms are also available on .


The closing date for nominations is 25 November 2016.


It is time for the people of the Western Cape to inspire each other to be more sensitive and tolerant towards cultural diversity. If we work together to nurture a spirit of mutual understanding and respect, we will become more flexible and more able to live in harmony – which in turn will empower us to find the common ground that binds us. #EmbraceInclusivity gives the people of the province a sense of belonging and enhances a vibrant confidence and pride in our historic, cultural and linguistic heritage.


DCAS offers the people of the Western Cape the opportunity to discover and acknowledge talent in their diverse cultural landscapes. Nominees should have a talent for bridging diversity. Let’s nurture tolerance so that we understand and respect our differences and embrace cultural inclusivity. BETTER TOGETHER.



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