HASA AGM comment to HWC on the proposed permanent removal of the Rhodes statue

haosa-sealGood day Heidi, 

 Attached please find the policy statement from the Heritage Association of South Africa a policy that was reaffirmed at our most recent held symposium.

H.A.S.A. is however fully aware of the  political pressure that is currently being displayed by means of violent and destructive acts by the same student organisations that campaigned for and caused this crisis in 2015. We are also well aware that  this is politically motivated which should of course  influenced the decision to allow the temporary removal ,a decision taken without  allowing us the right to participate.


H.A.S.A.  at the council meeting resolved that  we would not intervene nor make representations other than confirm  our policy. We would however   urge you not to authorise or recommend the export out of the country of the statue  but to confirm the removal as a temporary measure  which should be revisited together with  proposals to  interpret the statue  and the  movement to which it gave rise at a later more settled date.


We would appeal any decision that allows the statue to be exported.

Could you please  ensure that this is read into the minutes  as we believe that any further representation’s will only serve to inflame an already  volatile situation. Could you please ensure that the decision of the meeting  is communicated to this address .



Thank you for the opportunity  to contribute


  Len Raymond  for H.A.S.A.


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