This is from the Heritage Activation Coalition:

“Proposed demolition of 106, 108 Kloof Street, (next to Cafe Paradiso).
The owner Concertino Investments Pty Ltd, director of which is Stuart Mackay-Davidson, first applied for total demolition of these two victorian houses in April, through their heritage consultant Bridget O’Donahue. This has been declined by HWC on 5 May.
Now, with the help of their newly appointed (demolition) consultant Ashley Lillie, they’re taking HWC’s decision on appeal.
Their attempt of argument: The houses have “lost their cultural values due to inappropriate alterations and do not satisfy the requirements of the NHRA Section 7 for grading”.
Note should be taken that the owner bought this property in 1997, and has since undertaken many of these (unapproved?) alterations.
Please spread the word.”
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